What is IMS?

IMS (Integrated Management System) consists of Quality Management (ISO 9001), Environment Management (ISO 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety Management (OHSAS 18001 or AS 4801). Although these systems can be implemented individually, but there are some common items in these systems that can be unified.

With growing competitiveness and higher anticipations from customers and other stakeholders, organisations have to demonstrate themselves with superior quality management systems, thorough environmental practices and a strong safety culture.

An integrated system illustrates a clear, comprehensive picture of your business and its related risks. There will be less rework and it becomes easier to implement. IMS enables an organisation to achieve their objectives smoothly. IMS is applied to any organisation regardless of size or location.


What are the benefits of IMS?

  1. Enhances financial performance and cost savings by reducing development and certification costs compared to implementing individual systems

  2. Increases companies’ regulatory and statutory compliance

  3. Saves time by conducting one management review, maintaining one unified system and have one external audit

  4. A comprehensive approach to manage business risks 

  5. Reduces duplication and paperwork

  6. Less conflict between systems 

  7. Optimized internal and external audits 

  8. More simple to maintain


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